Add author name in front of parentheses when suppressing author - \citet in latex



Not sure whether I missed that feature or a corresponding feature request.

I often refer to persons when citing them e.g. Müller (2003) instead of (Müller 2003). I know the “suppress author” button. However, there should also be a button to add the author in front of the parentheses automatically, e.g. Müller (2003). I have used such a feature in “Docear for Word” some months ago and it was very convenient.

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I think this is a good idea. It matches the common latex commands \citep{} and \citet{}.


Is this feature eventually implemented? That would be pretty useful.


C’mon Paperpile. It is time to implement this feature.


I agree. The “planned” still stands and you will see it first in our upcoming Word plugin which is our playground for great new features making the citation process easier.