Add author name in front of parentheses when suppressing author - \citet in latex

Not sure whether I missed that feature or a corresponding feature request.

I often refer to persons when citing them e.g. Müller (2003) instead of (Müller 2003). I know the “suppress author” button. However, there should also be a button to add the author in front of the parentheses automatically, e.g. Müller (2003). I have used such a feature in “Docear for Word” some months ago and it was very convenient.

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I think this is a good idea. It matches the common latex commands \citep{} and \citet{}.

Is this feature eventually implemented? That would be pretty useful.

C’mon Paperpile. It is time to implement this feature.

I agree. The “planned” still stands and you will see it first in our upcoming Word plugin which is our playground for great new features making the citation process easier.


I just asked this question today (Sept 2019). Has this feature not been added yet? A high percentage of citations are in this format.

Any news regarding that feature?

Sorry, no news on this. Still planned though.

Is it implemented already? This is a major inconvenience as it requires to replace manually the parentheses every time one format the citations in the document.

I always manually change the citation style from passive to active. So when I add a citation like (Smith et al., 2010) I delete the parentheses and make it Smith et al. (2010).

However, once I restart Word all active citations are changed back to passive ones. That’s very annoying. Is there a fix for this?

@Roberto_Rondanelli, this is not yet implemented but still on our radar. No timeline to speak of at the moment.

@Brooklands, manual modifications will disappear every time citations are updated. To achieve Author (Year) format, you can right-click in-text citations > Edit Citation to access advanced editing options, where you will be able to select Suppress Author and manually input the name outside parentheses.

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All we really need (and we definitely need it) is a feature in which the last names of the authors, separated by commas perhaps, are copied to the clipboard so we can paste it before the actual citation. That’s it. As with many other folks the vast majority of my writing starts a sentence with the authors in the text, for example,

Onkal, Goodwin, Thomson, Gonul, and Pollock (2009) were the first to study forecasting adjustments.

I have clicked on suppress author, but I still have to type out by hand ALL of the names. In a case like the one above, it’s particularly frustrating because I also have to insert all those umlauts too. If, there were a button that simply copied all those names (which we can’t do in the popup window) minus their initials, it would save an ENORMOUS amount of time. And it’s actually particularly frustrating at the moment, because I have to remember the names when looking at the popup and then hope I get it right, because for me to be able to type, the popup window has to disappear. We really need to be able to quickly copy the names.

Does this make sense? It shouldn’t be affected by updating at all, because it’s not actually part of the citation. It’s part of the text. We just need help typing it, because, again, there are a lot of them, they can be long, with funny characters, and you have to remember them.


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Hi, is there a ETA for this feature in google docs?

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