“Author’s name as part of narrative” in-text citation

It seems that someone has requested the feature in another post but was unnoticed. So, I just copy and paste his post here. After all, I really think the “suppress author option” is quite meaningless.

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Thanks for the request, @Nashi_Shuai. This has actually come up a few times over the years –

It’s on our wishlist; we have so far prioritized implementing other (more demanded) topics which will be implemented soon. I have added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker :+1:t4:

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It’s also frustrating because when I click “Update citations and bibliography” using the extension, it reverts all citations to the (Author, year) version and I need to go back and change all the narrative citations.

I didn’t realize that it couldn’t do narrative citations, that’s bizarre that it would take so long to incorporate. Just ask ChatGPT for the code! :joy:

If you can use LaTeX, the good news is you just use the /textcite{} command.