Advanced search (i.e. search by first author, publication year, etc.)


I recently switched from Endnote to Paperpile and I’m very glad I made that choice. However, there are a few capacities in Endnote that I miss. One of them is the advanced search, i.e. searching papers based on first author, last author, publication year, journal name, etc.

Is it possible to add advanced search capacity in Paperpile?

Thank you!


Welcome to our forum, @Qingteng_Zhang! Glad to read Paperpile has been working out for you so far. Advanced search functions for the library are already in the works (along with other items on our roadmap) and are expected to see the light of day by the end of this year, so stay tuned :raised_hands:t4:


Will this be a part of the new beta? It’s not clear whether it’s a part of the advanced search beta feature based on the description.

Definitely want/need this feature. In my case, filtering by date ranges would be really helpful. But in general, advanced search on any available field would be huge.

@SergeiWallace @Qingteng_Zhang I’m happy to say that in the new Paperpile, in beta, you can restrict your search to the title, author, year, and abstract fields. You can also search by PDF full text.

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what about filtering using date ranges? @suzanne

If it’s not currently possible in the advanced search in beta, then I created a feature request for it here: Date Range Filter in Advanced Search - Feature Request

You can’t filter by date range in the new app, @SergeiWallace, but I’ve added your request to our tracker.

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