Allow for bulk-sharing on iOS/iPadOS (mobile apps in general)


Similar to another post I recently made, I use GoodNotes to read/annotate my papers. Usually, this involves individually importing papers from Paperpile to GoodNotes. While this works fairly well (minus gripes mentioned in that post), it can become quite painstaking when manually importing a folder of 10+ papers (e.g. for classes).

We have the ability to multi-select papers, but can strictly assign tags/folders, download, copy their citations, or trash them.

Feature Request

Allow for a bulk-sharing (particularly by way of drag/drop, ideally) of the associated PDFs.

I realize that this might become complex if there are multiple PDFs associated with a given Paperpile entry – however, I imagine strictly supporting this behavior for the “Main PDF” should be sufficient for any others that might use this feature. (I know this would certainly be the case for me.)