Modify current "Share PDF" iOS/iPadOS functionality to contain more human-readable information than the UUID


I’ve recently been trying to use GoodNotes to read/annotate papers as their capability far outstrips Paperpile’s current PDF reader (though I certainly appreciate the ongoing work!).

I believe this functionality wouldn’t be specific to GoodNotes, but instead could apply to any apps capable of importing PDFs and even to folks with whom we might share PDFs with (without doing a “Copy link to paper” – e.g. if sharing from mobile devices).

My import process:

  1. In Paperpile: Navigate to the citation in Paperpile.
  2. In Paperpile: Copy the Citation using the " icon.
  3. In Paperpile: Open the desired document (either using the green arrow or clicking on the document itself or from the “Files” accordion at the bottom of the screen).
  4. In Paperpile: Click the “Share” button.
  5. In Paperpile: Click “Open in GoodNotes”.
  6. In GoodNotes: Deselect the UUID (with intent to keep it).
  7. In GoodNotes: Paste the Citation copied earlier so that the title of the document is: “<Citatation> <Paperpile UUID>”.
  8. In GoodNotes: Click “Import as New Document”.

Rinse and repeat until all the appropriate papers have been imported. Generally, this process has been painstaking, but worthwhile as I can search my GoodNotes using anything in the Citation. (I keep the Paperpile UUID in the hopes that one-day there might be some kind of connection that could be used to check that imports aren’t duplicate source files, but that’s rather far-off at the moment.)

Feature request:

Either of the following seem like apt solutions:

  1. Modify current “Share” functionality to do the following:
    • Export the desired document.
    • Ensure that the name of the document contains something analogous to… “<Title> <Author1> <Author2> <Author3 or et. al> <Year> <Venue> <Paperpile UUID>”
  2. Allow users to customize the “Share’s” naming convention, similarly to how we can customize the conventions used in Google Drive.

Of course, I know that Paperpile has no say in the importing that GoodNotes does, however, the import functionality of GoodNotes is “Good Enough™” at the moment that this seems to be something Paperpile would be most apt to address. :sweat_smile:

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