Android private beta (old)

Hi, I have already filled the survey to be a beta tester but I guess I have not yet been included. I would love to try it, as I mostly work on the go these days on my tablet and mobile and not being able to add the papers I read till I get to my PC does feel a bit uncomfortable. Thanks a million!

Ditto here - would love to be in the next batch of testers (I’ve filled in the form), particularly since I’ll be on the tablet (Nexus 9 / Android 7.1.1) rather than PC over Christmas and it would be great to catch up on some reading (and annotation :wink: )!

Thanks, Mark

The sync does not appear to function. I added a paper from the desktop app, it is in my library, but it does not show up on the top of the list in the mobile app (what is the sort order?)

When I search for the author of the newly added paper in the mobile app, I get no hits.

Nexus 5X - Android 7.0

Enjoying the app. It works perfectly on my Fairphone 2.

Sometimes when I’m working on a weak connection, sync doesn’t seem to do anything. Usually it eventually does, but only after me wondering for quite a while whether or not it’s doing anything and pressing sync lots of times! Works fine on WiFi at home.

I have a cheeky request… I know this would come under #5 in the roadmap, but… Is there any chance we could (in the next version) be able to see all of the information associated with the item? In particular I am thinking of the BibTeX key. I frequently work on TeX files on my tablet and would like to know citation keys.


I have already signed up for the beta team three months ago, but I have not received any feedback yet. Could you add me in the beta team? Thank you so much.

We will invite a new batch with the next release. It will take a bit longer because we will consolidate both Anroid and iOS versions and add PDF annotations.

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We will do some testing on throttled connections and see if we can improve the experience there.

I hope to become a beta tester too :slight_smile: I have signed up for the test long ago but no invite yet.

This comment is in hopes of being invited to beta. I have been using Mendeley (desktop and mobile) and am now switching to Paperpile. I would really like to be able to use the Android mobile version so that I can read papers on my Android tablet.

I know this is in Beta but having the opportunity to at least read my .pdfs from the app would be great. I would also like to provide feedback on the newer features as they are added.

So please invite me :smile: I would like to do quite a bit of reading on my tablet (and annotations when they are available).

Please add me to Android beta program!

I would love to be included in the next batch of testers, please!

Please add me to the next batch of beta testers, I have a fire HD tablet to try this with.

Hi Stefan, I am really eager to test beta app for android. Please add me on the next batch KD beta tester…:slight_smile: Thabks in advance !!!

I would like to take part in the next round of beta testers provided there is space.

Signed up to be on the beta tester list - still agree to try next time there is space. Specifically also interested in testing the app on my chromebook with play store support. This will become an interesting space for paperpile - with new devices like the Samsung chromebook/tablet with the stylus. Paperpile chrome extension + paperpile android app for offline reading and searching would be beyond ideal!

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Sync has stopped working on my Fairphone 2. When I press sync the icon is highlighted briefly but then nothing changes. Same on WiFi and mobile. I will re-install.

Would really appreciate being included in next batch of users for the beta android app, thanks!

I would like to be included in the next round of beta testing. With thanks,
Lesley Harrington

I can’t be sure, but it seems as if sync does not work when a lot of papers have been added since the last sync. When syncing fewer than 10 new papers it seems to work fine. But then if I come to it after a few weeks have passed (and lots of papers added), sync does not work.

Hmmm. That should not happen. We have much better ways to debug in the next version and will follow up on that once it’s out and still there.