Android private beta (old)

Please add me to Android beta program!

Please include me to the Android beta program. Thanks.

I would like to be pushed up into the next ring of testers for the Android beta. Filled out the form a few days ago. Have a Nexus 9, Asus Chromebook C301 with android apps, and a Nextbit Robin.

Hi, I’d love to be added to the Android beta program. Thanks!

any news when the next beta round takes place? I’m now waiting since end of last year for invitation.


The next beta will ship with PDF annotations and that takes a bit more time. We will prioritize everyone in this thread with the invitations. Thanks for your patience.


I also signed up for the beta when it was first announced. I’m excited that a new version w/ PDF annotations is coming out and would love to try it! I also have an ipad and would be happy to trial the iOS version too.

I am super excited about using my Paperpile mobilally too, and hope to have a chance at being included in the next batch of testers! I am currently finishing my MS, and starting my PhD in Neuroscience this Fall. Being able to seamlessly use this wonderful tool everywhere will definitely make a tremendous difference!

HI there, filled in the questionnaire. Can I also be included in the next batch for Paperpile for Android? Many thanks.

Also very excited. Hope to participate in the beta!
I waiting for the app

Very very exciting about this! I have filled in the questionnaire, and am looking forwarding testing this on both iOS and Android!

I added my name though the sign-up form, but I would love to see the Android beta sooner rather than later. I was one of the original PaperPile beta testers, and it is absolutely incredible how far the app has come. I switched from the “Papers” program on the Mac when I joined the beta, and never looked back. Four years of doctoral study, and PaperPile has never let me down. I just wish Academe (and publishers) would drop the love affair with Word and use Google Docs and LaTeX (depending on whether math is needed) instead.

My biggest use for PaperPile on Android would be to quickly look up references on my Nexus 6P phone, when it is not convenient to get out my computer. This would mostly require searching the metadata in my library; searching the PDFs would be helpful but not as important. I would need to browse the PDFs as part of that functionality, but not read them in a serious way.

My second use would be reading papers for-real (and annotating them, if possible) on my Nexus 10 tablet, on the occasions when I don’t feel like using a laptop or Chromebook.

I’m cautious with ETAs but we should have a new version of the Android App including PDF annotations very soon and we will try to invite users from this thread here first. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks, Stefan. Looking forward to it! My current version won’t sync most of the time. Though sometimes it does. Seems very random. So I’m hoping that will be fixed!

@stefan Please sign me up for the beta program! I filled up the questionnaire a couple of months ago and I’d love to help :slight_smile:

We will now be able to debug issues like that and of course hope that it’s not a issue any more :smile:

Could you please add me to the Android private beta? Thanks!

UPDATE: We’ve a new version in the PlayStore. You can now annotate PDFs. We’ve sent out an email to beta testers how to update.

We also have started sending out more invites starting with those requesting access in this thread here. @carlos will run the beta tests. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Those who also use iOS, have a look here: iOS private beta 1

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No email as yet so have filled in the form again - really looking forward to trying it!

Trying out the new Android beta. At first it wouldn’t let me download any PDFs, if I clicked on the download button it would either stall or would give me some message asking if I wanted to sync my files.
Now (a few hours later) it seems to be working and looks awesome! The annotations are working great but how do I erase/delete annotations I make in the app? I can’t find the option. Thanks!