Android private beta (old)


i am very intereseting to try the private beta for android, i have Samsung S6 edge plus. Best Regards. Josmel


Do you have the link?, I can not find it


I’d love to be added to the beta testing for Android. I’ve been excited about this upcoming feature for a while! I use a Moto G


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The sync on my phone (Moto Z Play) has stopped working. It shows ‘Error syncing your library’ at various stages (2%, 32%, 54% etc.) and shows an incomplete library without my labels. However, it works on my Android tablet without any glitches. I tried everything, from clearing storage and force-stopping to un- and reinstalling the app, with phone restarts.


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I’ve actually just spent the past couple hours wondering if I was going to have to switch pdf/citation managers because paperpile didn’t have touchscreen capability. It seems this beta would fix that deficit - but with school starting/ed, it would be great to get an idea of when this is going to be more widely available. Thanks!


After using the app for a while now, I agree with many of the feedback items listed so far, and have a bit more as well:

  • The ability to open more than one PDF would be nice. Perhaps a simple “Open in new window” function?
  • The ability to add articles from my phone would be useful, and I know it’s on the roadmap, but wanted to mention it. Similar to Pocket, perhaps it would be easiest with the “Share to/with” function?
  • I have no doubt that the requirement to download each PDF is likely about space, but it would make it much easier if the latency in the process were less, especially since it is accessing the G-Drive in most cases.

Otherwise, I think it works well! I love Paperpile overall, and have shared it with anyone and everyone I can! It has really been a lifesaver, and each person I get to try it out can’t believe how easy it is to use. Keep up the great work!


I’ve been using both the Android and iOS betas for a few days and so far it’s been great! A couple of comments:

(1) I have come across a small bug where my library won’t sync properly. This happens on both devices and gives the same error “undefined is not an object (evaluating e.json)”. Reinstalling the app fixes the issue and the library syncs properly.
(2) I also have one feature suggestion: it would be nice to have the option to filter so that only the entries with pdfs downloaded to the device are shown for offline work.


Dear Paperpile team, can you please please let me on the beta program for android version. Form is filled months ago, and keen to help you with feedback. Bests, Tor. Nexus 6


Just wanted to say that I also had the same error, and solved it the same way.


I’ve been waiting for a year. I’d really like to get a chance to join the beta.


Hi, I’ve filled the survey quite some time ago. I’d like to test out the Android Beta paperpile mobile app. I’ve a Pixel XL phone and a Pixel C tablet. Cheers.


can I join the Android beta program. I actually use google doc android for writing and explore option to add citiation(it works fine). I just want to try and help to create more practical way.


What about a phone tracker on Android? How we can use it?


Would be grand if you could include me in the next batch of testers! I love Paperpile and have been wanting for it to be on my Android phone and tablet since I started using it!


Unfortunately I have a bug s.t. I cannot use the beta right now. When I try to sync it breaks at 29% and the app shows the message “undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘e.json’)”.

So the Paperpile app doesn’t show me my latest entries and papers I have added. Do anyone know what may cause this behavior?

EDIT: Reinstalling of Paperpile app helped. Still I think this is an issue that should be looked into.


One thing I noticed recently: When I highlight in the Android app, then open the highlighted file in Chrome later on, the highlighted text is not ‘copied’ into the annotations pane consistently. Sometimes, no text appears in the annotation list at all (just a note that there’s a highlight). Sometimes, the text is garbled and cut off. If I delete the highlight and then re-highlight the same text within Chrome, it copies correctly to the annotation frame.

I will post if this behavior continues. I noticed it in one or two files so far.


please add me to the beta version


I’ve been enjoying Paperpile for a little more than a week. Tonight, after adding some papers from my laptop I noticed that neither my Pixel C tablet (Android 8.0) or my Samsung Note 5 (Android 7.0) would sync. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app seemed to fix both but the Samsung phone will not download any files while the Pixel tablet seems to be fine. Not sure if this is an ongoing issue but want to report it.