Android private beta (old)


I installed the paperpile beta app, all my records were downloaded, but when I modify something on my laptop (example tags) it does not synchronize with the app (I have a Samsung S8 Plus). I can read a “Error sync” message (evaluated … json).


Please add me to the Android private beta! I read a lot of articles on my commute each way and this would be a great chance to field test some of the main features compared to XoDo, which I am currently using on a Galaxy Tab S2 8.4.


I just installed the app successfully and could synchronize my library. When I tried to download a PDF Android (6) asked me for permission to manage files on the device which I granted. Afterwards, I tried to download again and it failed. However, once I closed and restarted the app the problem disappeared and I could open PDFs. The user interface so far looks quite intuitive and tidy.

Missing features with regards to downloads:

  • Option to save files on SD card (I presume it is just stored in internal memory?)
  • Great that it has offline support, but would be nice to have an option for downloading the entire library for offline reading.


  • simply great. intuitive, smooth experience.
  • love the page overview and the table of contents-
  • Annotation toolbar is great (movable, awesome!)
  • Annotations generally work great so far, text highlighting works as expected
  • Text notes (comments) are barely visible on white background. make the icon solid?
  • I miss a mode for continuous vertical scrolling but would not consider it life essential
  • I miss an undo button for annotations, like if I accidentally highlight some text.
  • I miss the option to change the borders of an annotation, e.g. the option to extend a highlighted text to either side or to reduce the size.

Looking forward to see the other items on the roadmap implemented, particularly the option to add new references and PDFs via the browser or other apps (share to Paperpile). My first impression is very good.


I just installed the app successfully and could synchronize my library. When I tried sync again (when I modified the labels on the chrome paperpile) the synchronization does not work and I get the error that you see in the photo [Undefined is not an object (evaluating e.json)]


Welcome to our hell — your friends in the iOS beta


Hi all, just a quick post to request access to the Android beta. I completed the form about 5 months ago, but haven’t need much access to the android version before today. I’m doing a PhD at the moment and have switched to a Pixelbook full time in the hope of retiring from windows completely.

I’d love to try the Android Beta so I can quickly flip my Pixelbook around and use it to highlight my PhD PDF library. This would be amazing! I am really enjoying Paperpile after having come from Zotero previously. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to testing this Pixelbook out as a productivity machine.


Wait, do you need Android to use Paperpile in Chrome on a Pixelbook? That seems crazy. Is this really true?


Hi Matthew,

Like on any chromebook, mac or windows machine I can use Paperpile through my browser. I also have it in my Chrome OS shelf. It’s just that with the addition of android apps on Chrome OS this would mean I would have offline access to my Paperpile library and be able to do in-app annotations rather than going to Xodo or another PDF markup app. It also means I could flip my screen around and use my Pixelbook to read and annotate PDFs in tablet mode using touch, which the browser doesn’t seem to let me do.

Whilst I have my journals and papers marked for offline use in my google drive, I don’t have access to my tagging and folders in PP as well, so it makes it harder to remember which articles I’m looking for. I generally have pretty good internet access, but I live in Australia and it is patchy at times!

Would love to test the app on my Pixelbook, Paperpile People! Fingers crossed for a download link soon :smile:


Hi there, I would like to be bumped up for the private beta as soon as a slot is available. I filled out the form a few months ago and I’ve just started using a Samsung Chromebook Pro. Primarily, I’d like to be able to access and annotate files on that device. I’d also be happy to supply feedback to improve the app. Many thanks.


I would love to be part of the beta testing as soon as you are letting more in (already did the survey/signup). I am currently writing a thesis, much of it on a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet.
All the best!


I can confirm that this behavior has continued in a number of different files. The annotations from the highlights do not copy correctly to the animation pane. Several end up garbled or incomplete. Using the Paperpile app on a Galaxy Tab S3.


I get the same error after cleaning up the tags and folders in the web app. It pops up at around 12% of the syncing process. I also deleted some folders so I would bet that has something to do with it. There should be an option for emailing you a more detailed error log.


Signing out and back in solves the problem as expected since everything is synced from scratch.


Yep. Signing in and out works.


Please add me to the Android private beta. Thank you. I have filled out the form previously.


Hi everyone,

I have started to use Paperpile, and I really love it, but I would like to test the Android version as well.

Thank you very much.


I would love to participate in the Android beta testing as I’m unimpressed with the apps that the other ref. managers have to offer and I think Paperpile has great potential to become a much better platform.


I’ve been having this problem too recently. It seems to be a recent issue, as syncing has always worked well until a few weeks ago. Can confirm that signing out and in again seems to be the answer.


I agree. The capacity to move the app over to SD card would be very helpful, especially when there is a way to sync PDFs.

I’m using this on a Samsung Tab S2. I sync my starred folder to my tablet and read the documents with Moonreader, which enables me to extract annotations. I save these to Evernote and then copy the notes into Paperpile. Evernote is my card index file for quotes.

Longer articles or books I read in ePub format.


Bump me upppppp !

(I have a Samsung S7 AND a Galaxy Tab S3, so two devices in one… and as you know I’m quite keen/OCD at reporting issues!)