Arxiv entries missing "journal", which doesn't work with some bibtex styles

My arxiv entries export without a “journal” entry. This doesn’t play well with some bst’s. E.g. for IMS journals:

It would be nice if the journal was filled in as “Arxiv preprint” or something like that.

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would be great if this were fixed

@Dirk_Englund @IanLangmore
Thank you for your feedback!
Could you share with us some of your entries, or a link for some of those so that we can confirm the issue and consult the DEV team?

Here’s an example from my bibliography that causes this problem:

  title         = "{Prediction-Based} Decisions and Fairness: A Catalogue of
                   Choices, Assumptions, and Definitions",
  author        = "Mitchell, Shira and Potash, Eric and Barocas, Solon and
                   D'Amour, Alexander and Lum, Kristian",
  month         =  nov,
  year          =  2018,
  archivePrefix = "arXiv",
  eprint        = "1811.07867",
  primaryClass  = "stat.AP",
  arxivid       = "1811.07867"
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Is there a solution to this problem? Still persisting

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same here

@hengyueliu @Zen @mdekstrand @Dirk_Englund @IanLangmore This issue has been fixed in new Paperpile web app in beta. BibTeX entries for @article arXiv preprints now include the journal field. Moreover, you can choose a format for BibTeX entries for preprints (either @article, @unpublished or @misc) via the new LaTeX and BibTeX dialog in the new Paperpile settings.