Autocomplete for authors, journals, publishers, places

Generally one’s bibliography contains multiple entries with the same authors, journals, publishers, and locations. For manual entry Paperpile should offer to autocomplete those entries. For instance, if I have three journal articles by an author and I get a conference paper from them with no public metadata, Paperpile should see that I’m typing a name already in the database and offer to complete it for me, thus avoiding possible typos. Most bibliography programs I’ve used do this for at these four fields.


That’s definitely planned. We are aware that there is room for improvement when adding data manually or fixing data that has not been imported correctly.

It’s probably something we want to do with a thorough re-design of the edit dialog.


Any updates on that ?
(I know it’s not your policy to tell release dates, but just to know if it’s still on your to-dos?)

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Yes it’s still planned. We are working on some major database updates which will make things like that easy. At the moment it’s hard so we deferred that.

Just chiming in here, I’m adding lots of manual conference presentations into Paperpile with no public metadata, and autocomplete would help a lot here.

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