Feature requests I'd still like to see

I thought I’d review some of the many feature requests I posted when I first started using Paperpile in 2014 (as well as one from 2019) that haven’t been implemented yet, despite strong interest. I know the developers are focusing on search right now and I fully expect those requests to be addressed sooner than the others, but I really hope some of these other requests can get some love before another 7 years have passed…

Not listed here are requests for better markdown support for apps like Obsidian and Ulysses, which were posted by other people (not me), but those are high on my list as well.

Save website as PDF with date

Add tags and folders when importing from Chrome extension

Warn on bulk actions when not from menu

Bulk Editing of Papers

Negative searches

Find “tea” but not “teacher” or “teaching”?

Filter Item: Read/Unread

Folder from paper references & Insert citations in doc from app (requested twice)

Autocomplete for authors, journals, publishers, places

Request: Compact view

Better checking of duplicates (tags, shared folder items) & Recognize duplicate for different editions of same book (Similar request)


Wow, yeah there are many features in this list that I’d love to see as well.


Thank you for compiling the list. I will add “Citing annotations in Google Doc”


Thanks for the review, @Kerim. The team is focusing on a few different items right now. Besides advanced search features, my understanding is we intend to release updates to the web app and extension which will bring things like the ability to sign up with non-Google emails, support for other browsers, improvements for import, the eventual and much-anticipated overhaul of shared folders… things you’ve likely seen me mention on other threads and should make it to production soon, addressing some of the items on your list and beyond.

While as usual I don’t have a precise timeline to offer, I can say that we’re very much nearing these goals and the intention is to keep implementing features at a quicker pace once we cross that threshold. As a side note, I wanted to share this quick screen recording showing all of your requests from the forum (and perhaps other channels as well) under different topics on our internal tracker :slightly_smiling_face: feedback is very much present for us!

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Glad to hear it @vicente!

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Hi @vicente any updates on these features? I would love to add my annotations in google docs with citations.

The developers have been hinting at a pretty big update to come out this year. My guess is that the update won’t include these features, but it might make working on them easier in the future…

@mullatausif you can check out our roadmap to see what’s currently on the pipeline. Some of the requests listed here by @Kerim will be addressed, the rest remain on our radar!

Excited for this beta, as I’m sure many others are. Fingers crossed we get access soon :crossed_fingers:t2: will it be announced here, or is there a beta channel we can subscribe to in the existing plugin?

Thanks @Kyle_Marriott, there is indeed much anticipation for the Safari integration. I just posted an update on the thread about that – we’ve suffered delays but hope to have news soon. I am not yet sure what the criteria will be to select each round of beta testers, but have added you to a list I keep of direct requests.

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