Automatic sorting a newly added reference into a folders

Is there a way to automatically sort a reference into a folder when you add it to Paperpile?

Right now it seems like you have to manually place the paper in each folder by switching over to the paperpile tab and dragging it.

In Zotero it would automatically add the paper to whatever folder was currently selected; is there something similar in Paperpile?


We are painfully aware that this is missing and something users really want. It’s on our roadmap and we have plans to allow posting new papers directly into a folder or with a label.

Please also see the discussion here: Add tags and folders when importing from Chrome extension

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Thank you for the prompt response.

Just +1ing this request… I assume Paperpile has some analytics for measuring the popularity of various feature requests.

It’s still planned. You are right we have a way to prioritize things. We should have more feature updates this year. First, four new full-time employees will start soon. Second, we spent the past year modernizing our technology stack so things that were hard before are now possible.

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+1 for this request


+1 from me too!

I’m happy to confirm this is already possible in our new beta webapp and extension (click to sign up if you’d like to test). These updates are due for public release within the next couple months :raised_hands:t4: