"Back" and "Forward" for document navigation

So I’ve just discovered you support internal links within PDF so I can jump to the referenced citation in the bottom of the document. Cool! But if I do this, I also need a quick shortcut to return to the position in the document where I jumped from! I think this would be a nice usability feature.

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Yes, we need to include the clicks on the internal links into the browser history so that back and forward work as expected. It’s on our list for things that need to be fixed. Thanks!

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Is there any movement on this request? There are some similar requests/questions (here and here), but without resolution.

This feature would be excellent!

Some indication of when/if this feature would implemented would be fantastic.


This would be very nice and would mesh nicely with the other proposed methods. I feel like this would be a relatively simple change and greatly help navigation because right now it’s kind of a mess.

With yesterday’s update to the PDF Annotator you can now click an internal link and use the back button to get back to where you were.