Bibtex export for Preprint Manuscript

First of all, I love Paperpile! Thanks for the great product.

I use it quite a bit in conjunction with LaTeX, and specifically with REVTeX 4-2. This is a bit tricky because it expects unpublished work such as preprint manuscripts to be designated as @UNPUBLISHED rather than @ARTICLE in the bibtex bibliography file.

Is there a way to change how Paperpile exports preprint manuscripts without manually reclassifying them? Right now it exports them as @ARTICLE without an associated journal, which ends up breaking things unless I manually fix them.


Well, maybe the @MISC type is actually better than @UNPUBLISHED in some circumstances, but it would be a drag to be fighting your auto-updater and always having to recategorize things as MISC one by one in Paperpile to get the bibtex export to work.


@Huggins Thank you for your kind words and for bringing this issue to our attention. Are the preprints that are being exported as @article from arXiv or from somewhere else? Paperpile exports preprints as @unpublished from some preprint websites, like bioRxiv and ChemRxiv.

Hi @suzanne. Thanks for getting back to me.

They are all from arXiv. I just tested with a paper from ChemRxiv and it used the @unpublished format as expected. I’ve never seen it use that format for a paper from arXiv.

@Huggins I’m happy to say that you can now choose the BibTeX entry type for preprints in the new Paperpile web app in beta. You’ll find a new dropdown menu in Settings > LaTeX and BibTeX where you can choose between @unpublished, @article, and @misc.

Thanks so much @suzanne and the rest of the Paperpile team!

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I would like to raise a following issue. I was usint the beta web app. The generated live bib file generated by overleaf integration does not change with the setting between unpublished, article, and misc. I am fine with article, but the bib entry still miss the “journal” field. The “journal” field exists when copying the bibtex of one paper, but not when using the generated bib file for overleaf.

Thank you for raising this issue, @hengyueliu. Having the new BibTeX settings carry over to your Overleaf integrations will be fixed in a future release of the web app.