Can Paperpile integrate with other tools, and how do I set up the integrations?

Hello Paperpile Support Team,

I’ve been using Paperpile as my reference management tool, and I’m interested in exploring its integration capabilities with other research tools and platforms. Specifically, I would like to know if Paperpile can integrate with word processors and online databases to enhance my research workflow.

Could you please provide me with information on the recommended integrations and how to set them up? I’m particularly interested in integrating Paperpile with word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, as well as online databases such as PubMed or IEEE Xplore.

It would be great to learn about any available plugins, add-ons, or features that facilitate seamless integration between Paperpile and these tools. Additionally, if there are any specific steps or configurations required to enable these integrations, please provide detailed instructions.

Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate your help in optimizing my research process and making the most of Paperpile’s capabilities.

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@henry_james I’m happy to say that Paperpile integrates with Word, Google Docs, and databases like PubMed and IEEE Xplore.

To use Paperpile for Word, you need to download the Word plugin (available for Windows and MacOS).

To use Paperpile for Google Docs, you need to have the Paperpile extension installed and the Google Docs plug-in enabled.

A list of database integrations can be found under the Gear Icon in the top right > Settings > Browser Integrations:

To use these integrations, just implement a search in the database or website, and the Paperpile button will appear under each search result. Click the Paperpile button to instantly save the reference data and PDF to your Paperpile library.

The new Paperpile in private beta integrates with even more academic databases and websites (Litmaps, Connected Papers, Research Rabbit to name a few).

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Dear Suzanne, is there a tutorial on how to use Connected Papers & Research Rabbit with Paperpile? This feature sounds great!
I made sure that they have checkmarks in the “Browser extension” settings, but I don’t see the Paperpile button when I go to each website.

@Yasu_Toshi thank you for reporting this. This feature is still in beta, and what should happen is when you click on a reference node in the graph, a Paperpile button should appear under the details to allow you to quickly save the reference to your Paperpile library. What we’ve noticed is that sometimes it can take time for the Paperpile buttons to appear under reference details on the webpages of these websites, or you may need to refresh the page for them to appear. The team is currently working on a fix for this bug. And we do plan to write a tutorial in the future to show you how to use it once this issue is fixed.

Dear Suzanne,
Ah, thank you for responding, I have found it! I had thought that the Research Rabbit integration meant that my Paperpile library shows up in ResearchRabbit and I can search all the related papers starting from there, so I was looking for the wrong thing…
But a feature to have my library show up in external services like RR, would be very nice in the future, if there are any plans!

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@Yasu_Toshi That sounds like a nice idea, but it wouldn’t be a priority for now. But I’ve added your request for the Paperpile library showing up in Research Rabbit for consideration by the team in the future. In the meantime, you can export any Paperpile folder or label to BibTeX or RIS, and import that file when you create a collection in Research Rabbit.

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I had the same thought as Yasu_Toshi. Calling this an “integration” is very misleading, when it’s essentially just replicating the functionality of the browser extension. Having a way to connect a live bibtex file to Research Rabbit or Litmaps, like Overleaf, would be a far more useful feature. As a customer it’s unfortunate that the team considers buttons to be a bigger priority.

Thanks @jh7753 for sharing your thoughts. Since people mostly use Litmaps and Research Rabbit to find new papers, it seemed logical to first implement Paperpile buttons to make saving papers to your library easy. And since we are a small company, we have to prioritize feature developments based on user need and resources.

What you would like is a BibTeX export workflow to Litmaps and Research Rabbit, so that you can access your library in real time in those apps?

Yes, that’s correct. I believe Research Rabbit can do something similar with Zotero because they have an API. Otherwise the workflow involves downloading a bib file from Paperpile and uploading it every time you want to sync your libraries. Since Paperpile isn’t adding any AI features or advanced discovery options natively, having a way to interface with these tools is going to be important.

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