Can we search Paperpile by feeding a search string to a URL?

Is it possible to open the Paperpile app with a specific search by going to a URL that includes a search string?

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Thanks for the query, @Huggins, and welcome to our forum! I’m pretty sure this is not possible, but I’ve consulted the team for suggestions/explanations. Will let you know when I hear back.

Thank you! If it’s an easy thing to slip in it would be super useful. Then I could trigger a search of my library easily from other places.

Thanks for specifying, @Huggins. This would be possible through something like a custom API call, which is not something we currently support.

We’ve had several related requests so I’ve changed the topic here to Feature request and logged your feedback in our internal tracker. Offering a public API allowing for such customization is a long-term goal for us.

Hi - I am also interested in this!

For example, pubmed can be searched for {query} via{query}

Is there a similar string to use the search function?

This would be great for integration into productivity apps like Alfred, where you could then start a paperpile search with a keyboard shortcut…

Welcome to the forum @Sven_La! While a web search via Alfred is not possible yet, I also use Alfred and Paperpile and I wrote a workflow that I shared here. It needs a bit of setting up but in my estimation it is more powerful and faster than a web search.

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+1 for searching papers from the browser URL bar.

Here’s a related thread, although quite old: Add "search your papers" field as Google Chrome search engine?