Capitalization Propper Nouns with Overleaf Sync

Hi all,

My apologies, I realise that this has been discussed in previous posts a few times but mostly answers seem to refer to google docs and I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.

I am using the sync with overleaf but titles are being converted to lower cases – which is great except for popper nouns. For example, i have a great many papers with “Country Name” in them. So far, I have been manually changing the titles to {Country Name} but I have a great many of them. I realise I could manually do a find and replace the bibtex file at the end but then I would lose on-going sync.

Does anyone know a way of doing this – either in paperpile or in overleaf – in bulk?


@DSR Thanks for your question. In the new Paperpile, there is a new option in Settings to preserve casing in the title field that may help with this issue. It will wrap the title in braces for all your BibTeX output. You can sign up for the private beta here.

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Amazing, thanks! Great to hear. The continual development and improvement of paperpile is one of things that makes it so great…

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