Citing R-packages with Paperpile

I want to reference several R packages in my paper, and am having a hard time doing this using Paperpile. I ended up adding the references to the bibliography manually (copy/pasted citation information from my R console), but of course all of that information disappears as soon as I update or even touch the text again.

Is there a way to manually add text to the bibliography of my paper without it disappearing, or is there a neat way to add an R package to my Paperpile?

Welcome to our forum, @Lilja_Kristin_Jonsdo! You’ve likely already tried adding the references manually to your library (Add Papers > Add Manually > Enter data by hand), with type field set to something like Miscellaneous or Computer Program? There are some subtype options for the latter:

If that’s not working, please share the details of the R packages you’re trying to cite (in the format you want them to be cited) and the citation style you’re using so we may attempt reproducing.