Citing R-packages with Paperpile

I want to reference several R packages in my paper, and am having a hard time doing this using Paperpile. I ended up adding the references to the bibliography manually (copy/pasted citation information from my R console), but of course all of that information disappears as soon as I update or even touch the text again.

Is there a way to manually add text to the bibliography of my paper without it disappearing, or is there a neat way to add an R package to my Paperpile?

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Welcome to our forum, @Lilja_Kristin_Jonsdo! You’ve likely already tried adding the references manually to your library (Add Papers > Add Manually > Enter data by hand), with type field set to something like Miscellaneous or Computer Program? There are some subtype options for the latter:

If that’s not working, please share the details of the R packages you’re trying to cite (in the format you want them to be cited) and the citation style you’re using so we may attempt reproducing.

Hi, I have a similar problem and would appreciate it being easier in paperpile to cite statistical software and packages.

There’s a guide here:

YES it’s possible to manually create a paperpile entry like this, however given paperpile is paid for I think it would be reasonable if your team made that easier?

##   R Core Team (2021). R: A language and environment for statistical
##   computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria.
##   URL

I can give other examples if that helps?

Thanks for the information, @ewjwallace. Just wanted to confirm your feedback is on our tracker and will be on the team’s radar when they are able to prioritize this topic. Significant changes for our extension and interface are currently in beta and once implemented will bring us closer to more easily considering/actioning requests like this one.