Compact paper view

One thing I miss in Paperpile is a more compact view of my papers.

Currently inside a folder, I can see a total of 8 papers vertically, if I turn my screen by 90° I can see 12 papers. Thus, it requires a lot of scrolling to get through the library and it is difficult to get a good overview.

For a typical entry, there are 2 lines of title, 1 line authors, 1 line conference, year, type, and folder, 1 line icons; some entries may have 4 lines of title and another line or two for labels. Then again, on a regular 19:10 screen, most of the right side is empty. Also, most of the right side inside the entry above the “view pdf” button is empty.

Are there any thoughts on either adapting the view as it is, or introducing a more compact view as an addition?
I could for example imagine combining the labels and the buttons on the right side of the entry. Right now, labels are scattered throughout the screen, as they start at the end of the title. If you right align them separately, it would also look less chaotic and it gets much easier to quickly grasp what you see.

Alternatively, a compact view could show the papers in a tabular form. I currently implement this by making my own Google Sheet, where I can also sort more easily. But this is a pain in the .


Let me add my vote for this recommendation of a compact view of papers so that many more papers are visible on the screen.

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Also very much agree with this. This issue, and the lack of easily visible notes while scrolling through the library (which the mostly empty ride side of the screen could be used to display), are the only two issues that really prevent me from fully committing to this Paperpile.

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Thank you for the feedback. This is on our list for review once we’re able to prioritize feature implementation and general improvements - hopefully very soon.

That’s an interesting one. When we started in 2013, this was part of the initial design but only the current view was implemented for the first release. We got a few requests over the years, but in general it seems the view we have works for the vast majority of users.
I’ve added the label “under-review” so we think about this again. While the focus was on iOS and Android recently, you should see some updates of the webapp. In particular we have plans to make better use of the white space on the right.


Earlier request: Request: Compact view

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