Converting Paperpile citations back to citekeys

Even though it’s a word processing app, Google Docs is so great for real-time collaborative authoring of documents that my collaborators and I use it to write text files too, including pandoc-flavored Markdown for manuscripts. The main problem that we’ve had is managing and inserting citekeys into the document. Paperpile appears to solve this problem beautifully, but it’s missing a feature to revert Paperpile citations back to citekeys. I love that Paperpile can export references from a Google Doc as BibTeX. For me that means I no longer need to care about what the citekeys actually are, and am happy to let Paperpile manage it for me. But to see the citekeys in the document (formatted as pandoc citations) would make Paperpile absolutely perfect!



Any solution for this?

I would like to convert a larger document which I’ve created in Word using the Word Paperpile plugin into a LaTex/Overleaf project.

So it would be really helpful if it was possible to set the citation style for the inline citations to the standard markup+citekey format.

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I don’t think there’s a direct way to convert in this case, @Daniel, but I’m double checking with the team - will let you know when I hear back.

In the meantime, have you already come across our beta Overleaf integration?

Thanks, yes I’m aware of the new Overleaf Beta, that’s why I looked into it again.

I’ve used the Word plugin to finish my thesis but now I wanted to migrate it back to LaTex/Overleaf (because formatting in Word is kinda messy for a 360 page document…).
The biggest effort to do this would be to insert all citations manually again using citekeys, this is why I’m asking if there’s a way to do this automatically.

I mean the data is already there, just replace the in-line citation with “\cite[p.XX]{CITEKEY}” in place and export the bibtex file.


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Thanks for the clarification, @Daniel. As I thought, there’s no way to achieve this with Paperpile at the moment, but I’ve added your feedback to the topic on our tracker for the team’s consideration.

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Hope this conversion feature could really be available soon. I also need it very much. This could allow us to convert documents to Latex style. I want to follow up about it. Any news? Thank you!

@Shen_Wang, it looks like Paperpile added this functionality, discussed in these threads:

You have to install a new sidebar add-on. I’ve used it to convert back to Latex and it works well. Good luck!


Thank you!