How to export a document and citations to LaTeX and BibTeX



Thanks a lot for the latest Paperpile improvements. I really enjoy working with Paperpile in papers preparation.

I am particularly interested in the tool to export my document to LateX. I figured out how to export the biblio in BibTeX however did not manage to export the document in LateX. Is is possible?


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Glad, you ask :wink: That feature is brand new in our new sidebar add-on.

  1. Install the sidebar add-on and open it with “Add-ons > Paperpile > Manage citations”
  2. Export your document with LaTeX citation codes and a BibTeX file (see below)



this export feature is precisely what I need, cheers for implementing it.

But I only just realised that the export ignores any page numbers added to a citation. Working in the Humanities I barely ever cite a full paper but always specific pages, so it would be a shame if I had to add them all again myself. Am I missing something? Is there a way to preserve page numbers during BibTeX export?

Also, I found that in the settings of the Paperpile app one can switch citation commands for BibTeX but during actual exporting from Google Docs via the sidebar addon this is ignored, using a generic \cite instead. I was wondering if it was possible to use BibLaTeX commands instead, e.g. \parencite.



I’m afraid your right, page numbers are currently not supported in the LaTeX export. It’s something we need to revisit.


That’s a real pity to be honest. Since it loses crucial information in the process, I’m better off just doing the conversion to BibTeX/BibLaTeX commands manually (which can be a real pain).

I’m looking forward to any updates on the matter and would be glad to see it implemented!


While we are at it, a quick follow-up to this question and this other post.

I wrote a few quick and dirty vim macros to help me insert the cite commands. Things would be better still if it was possible to insert citation keys right from Google Docs, without having to look them up manually or to copy them from the cite drop-down menu in the Paperpile app.

Is it still the case, that it’s not possible to insert citation keys from within Google Docs instead of pre-formated placeholders? So that I could get something like (goetz2012-hu, 55) (never mind any \cite commands)?


This would be an excellent feature. I also feel the need for the page numbers to be exported. And if there were an option to export in the format suggested, it would make it very easy to write in Google Docs, insert refs with Paperpile, and then export to pandoc-flavored Markdown, which is the default format of a large project I’m working on. In Pandoc, citations are made as: [@goetz2012-hu 55]. As long as Paperpile exported the citations in a simple and consistent “key plus page number” format, it would be very easy to do a regexp search and replace to put them in any needed format. (Though to make the latter process easier, it might be better to use [] or {} rather than () ).



Is the google docs export with LaTeX citations still supported? In my google docs, the Paperpile add-on export options are “References as BibTeX” and “References as RIS”, but no option to export the document itself (like in Stefan’s screen shots of the version from a few years ago).



First install the sidebar add-on, then go to Add-ons --> Paperpile --> Manage Citations, in the Google Docs menu to open it. Then click the gear icon and select “Export” to get to the export options.


Thanks! works now


Just wanted to know whether it was on the list to export page numbers with LaTeX citations. I have a paper I need to transform into LaTeX – the export function is quite useless without the page numbers in the citations.


I also need BibTeX document export to give the page numbers.

I’m testing out Paperpile and Google Docs for a PhD thesis in the humanities. So far so good, but I need an ‘exit plan’ (ideally to LaTeX + bibtex) if my formatting needs for the final product are more exacting than Google Docs can generate.

Exporting with \cite{} keys could work, but only if the page numbers are given.

A second, more advanced addition would be something like bibtex-chicago 's \headlesscite{} for when you want to suppress the author’s name. (As when you use the author’s name in a sentence in a footnote, and follow the sentence with the citation of the work.


Is there any other way of exporting the library to bibtex?
My sidebar has not been working for months and there is apparently no solution for this at the moment.


@Niklas_Hausmann Is there a particular reason your sidebar is not working (i.e. it’s not allowed by your domain)? If not, try contacting us in support so we can troubleshoot the issue.