Copy citation feature

I wish there was a way:

  • in my PP list of Papers
  • right click on a paper
  • copy the citation into the clipboard

it would be easiest to set up the default format ahead of time (e.g., APA)

this would be instead of

  • going to google docs
  • create a google doc
  • insert citation
  • format citations
  • copy the citation into the clipboard

To do this, select the citation(s) and either press Ctrl/Cmd + C or click the “Cite” button which appears above the list of papers. You can change the default citation style in the triangle menu next to the cite button.

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oops! My bad. Thanks for your patience. New user here…

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Hello from another new user. Inside my Paperpile library, I also see the option to generate a bibliography citation with either Command+C or the Cite button at the top. How can I generate an in-text citation for an entry instead of a bibliography entry?

Thanks in advance!

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In-text citations can currently only be generated in Google Docs. See here for a guide on how to do that.