Copying folders to shared folders?

I have a large project I’m working on that I’ve been compiling references for in my local folder. I’d like to copy the entire folder, as well as subfolders and all papers, to a shared folder but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this short of recreating the folder structure and copying papers over by hand. Is there an easy way to copy entire folders to a share that I’m not seeing?


No, I’m afraid there is currently no faster approach than re-creating the structure and moving the content manually.

Is this still the case? Can I import into a shared folder? I have 300 references spread out over 15 folders that I need to share.

Sorry to ping back on it. I am just facing the same problem. Did someone find a workaround for this?

Currently there is no workaround for this @maykcaldas, but one of the new sharing features that will be part of the new Paperpile web app is to convert an existing folder in your library to a shared folder. This feature isn’t part of the new Paperpile (in beta) yet, but it will be part of a future release later this year.

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