Cutting and pasting between Word documents

Hello everyone!

I’m having a problem with Word documents. I wrote a research proposal on my University’s template and used the Word plugin to add the references, and all worked well.

I now have to submit the proposal to an NHS ethics committee and so it needs to be on a different (Word) template; I want to reuse some of the content (rationale and background mostly) from the university document. I’ve tried to cut and paste from one Word document to the other, but when I do so the plugin doesn’t recognise the pasted references - the hyperlinks are still there, but when I try to update the citations (as I need to use different styles) the only citations affected are those which I have freshly created in the new document, any that I’ve pasted in aren’t recognisd.

I’ve tried pasting the old references then updating, pasting the old references then adding a new one and updating, and also adding a new reference then pasting the old references and this happens every time. The only difference is that if there are no new references in the document, I get a Paperpile error message that says “We could not find any Paperpile references in this document”.

I’ve tried uploading the document to Google Docs after posting, and again the new references are updated but the pasted ones are ignored. Copying and pasting from Google Docs to Word makes no difference and neither does exporting from Google Docs as Word.

Just hoping someone has an idea that will fix this without me having to manually re-do the references in the new document!

Thanks for your help


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change the template on which the document is based.

I wonder if this is a supported use case or the citations are not going through because the original template is in an old word format that is not supported by PP.

In which case it may be a better option to write in the latest word document and then paste into the template.