Darkmode does not change the color of the pdf (unlike iOS)

On iOS, when night mode is toggled, then the pdf color is turned black. This is not the case in Chrome.
I tried workarounds, with Chrome extensions, such as DarkReader, but that does not work either.

Am I missing something?

@Jaik, you’ve already come across a thread where this is discussed (although further up, so perhaps you didn’t get to see it):

On that same thread there are some workarounds discussed, although none viable/easy to invert the color of the page yet.

The PDF viewer will come back into focus for improvements/updates once we’ve implemented everything currently on the roadmap, so hopefully next year. I’ve added your +1 to this topic for the team’s consideration.

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Hello Vicente :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Yeah, I was hoping someone else might stumble over my post and knows a fix to use the enable dark-mode extensions within chrome extensions.

Unfortunately, in the Edge browser, Paperpile does not work for me. I have also opened up a ticket because of it. If I can get it to work with the “enable-force-dark”-command, I will switch to Edge. :slight_smile: