Doesn't sync with GDocs

Hi Paperpile

I was SO happy to find this app, since I can now use my Chromebook to write papers effortless (well…) with proper citations.
I am currently writing a paper, but for some reason the changes in my library do not seem to sync with the Google Docs plug-in?
I’ve tried closing and re-opening, re-booting etc., but no change. I also experience writing seraching one author in the citation pop-up, cliking the (seemingly) correct title, yet a completely different paper is inserted!
Only previously titles added to the library show up when searching in the pop-up, i.e. no titles added to the library after I created the document.

EDIT: Trying a few things out, it seems it is just for the one document I am working on, because if I create a new document, the citation I try to insert in the first document works just fine.

I’m puzzled, and don’t know what to do - perhaps I’m a complete idiot who’s missing something, but then so be it!

Thank you for a lovely product; I’ll gladly pay for it when my trial runs out :smile:

So there seems to be something wrong with this particular citation. We are aware of a few issues which we hope to fix soon (e.g. Problems with copied entries (book, book chapter))

If you still having trouble you can contact us through the in app messenger and we can try to find out what’s going wrong.

I started a new document, which seems to have dodged the issue. I am now happily writing and citing!

Thank you!