Duplicated files in google drive after paperpile syncs

After I put annotations on PDFs using either metapdf in webbrowser or PDF Expert on iPad, the annotations can be properly viewed in Paperpile as well as MetaPDF. However, a duplicated file will appear in my Google Drive after Paperpile syncs the annotated file. I am just wondering this may have little to do with the PDF standard problems mentioned in the forum, but this is because Paperpile cannot recognize the PDF updated elsewhere as a “same” file. I know some work is undertaking, but is there any solutions to stop Paperpile creating multiple “files” in my google drive? Can google drive stop this duplication? This is a very annoying problem. Thanks.

also, i find, the file attached in paperpile will not be updated after I update the file in metpdf or google drive.

Paperpile sync does not create duplicate files, at least we have not heard about it in 2 years. Also I can’t think of any scenario where MetaPDF would create duplicate files.

What’s very common though is broken Google Drive sync implementations in other programs. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that repeatedly (e.g. with Goodreader Tip: Sync with GoodReader on iPad). It does not sync the changes properly in the original file but creates a different file with the same name. That might look correct superficially but it breaks everything.

Unfortunately there is not much we can do. We’ve contacted for example the Goodreader developers and they acknowledged the problem last year. I’m not sure if it’s fixed there and I also don’t know about the program you used.

Some more technical details: when the third party program creates the new file with the same name it becomes “invisible” for Paperpile because it’s created by another program. So Paperpile thinks you have deleted the file and (correctly) re-uploads it. As far as I can tell this causes the duplicates you see.

At the moment it can take up to 15 minutes until changes are synced back from Google Drive to your local copy.

Thank you so much for your reply! I think this problem should be a result of the inconsistency on file version and encoding structures between Paperpile and Google Drive. I don’t know what is the best solution for the current situation, but I think all these issues will be solved when the iPad version of Paperpile/MetaPDF releases. Thanks!

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