Edit reference part of shared folder

Is it possible to edit a reference/add a pdf to an item part of a shared folder if you’re one of the collaborators (not the owner) ?
The persons that I share with the folder only have read permissions.


Hi Everyone,

I also have this issue. I am working with others who are adding papers to a shared folder that I created. I need to be able to edit those records, but I can’t. What is the solution?


Thanks for the bump, @Deanne_DiPietro. One can only edit items on one’s own library; references on shared folders are editable only to the user who added them (not necessarily the owner). The workaround would be to save the reference(s), edit them from your library, re-share them to the folder and delete the previous versions.

Is there a plan to add this function? Anyone working with a team needs this function, and this limitation is one reason why I may stop using Paperpile.

@Mark_Garrison we agree that the features that are available in your private library, like metadata editing, should also be available in shared folders or shared libraries. I’m happy to say that it is planned to be part of our overhaul of sharing that is scheduled for 2023.