Electron vulnerability

Is the Paperpile team aware of the recently exposed, long-standing vulnerability of the Electron framework?
At first glance, it appears that Paperpile is using v15 whilst the patched versions of Electron are v22 and above.

See here for further information

Welcome to our forum, @Christoph13, and thanks for raising the concern. The engineering team confirms we are aware of this but it doesn’t affect us since our app does not display any third-party content not shipped with the app itself, which is notarized with a digital signature before being shipped for download.

That being said, we do want to update Electron to the latest version (we’re on v17 at the moment) but it’s not a matter we’re able to prioritize right now. Once our new extension and web-app (currently in beta) is fully implemented, we will be able to shift focus to this and other topics.