Empty space shortcut

In the app, I like how when I select text with a stylus: a window pops up and gives me options to add highlight/underline/etc… (please give option to reorder these).

It makes sense to extend this feature to empty space (which currently prompts nothing): so that I can press empty space, hold, and a window would pop up letting me choose to add text box, drawing, or shapes (ideally also customizable). Exiting drawing mode can be done perhaps by (in order of most to least fluid) tapping elsewhere with a finger, clicking/swiping back button on the device, unpressing the draw button on the toolbar (current method I think).

This way the workflow would not require constant switching between tools by going all the way to the tool bar.

Currently, after * every single * edit the editing mode toolbar is stored away and I have to click once to retrive it back, and click again to choose tool (or more if its hidden behind other tools), and then perform the edit, and in case of drawing, unclick drawing mode. It adds a lot of friction to the editing process naturally. It would not be just nice to have it different, it is essential.

My work around now, is to use Adobe Acrobat to make edits and create annotations, sync them with my google folder, and pray and hope that they are accepted by PP. It works really well most of times, but occasionally resyncing with Google Drive, erases edited copy for some reason if it was not first opened in native PP reader.

Thanks for the feedback here as well; like with the other thread I have saved your comments on our tracker so the team can have them at hand when next working on this matter. Improvements for our web PDF annotator are on the pipeline, one of several areas we intend to prioritize once the new web-app is fully up and running.