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Paperpile has a nice feature where you can “view all references” from a Google doc and add them to your library or edit them. What I’d like is an added feature to this which would save all these references to a Paperpile folder. I often remember citations in terms of where I cited them last, and being able to go to a folder for that paper and see the citations already organized in it would be very useful to me for this reason.


I also felt I needed this functionality today. I tried to create a folder with all the references from a document to have them in one place and be easy to manage/export to bib. I managed by exporting to bib from the document reference list, importing the bib into a new folder and merging duplicates. It worked well but I had to manually disable a couple of false positive duplicates.

edit: also noticed that merging duplicates changed the bibkey, but after reading this I’m not sure what is the best solution for it

I would go a bit further and would love to be able to document references even for papers that others wrote. Reason for this is that I sometimes like to remember where I found a paper. Currently I have to add this as a text comment to the paper. Having the drawback that it’s cluttering search results when searching for a paper because the search will then also lists papers referenced by it. Being able to define “x references y” relations between papers would make this easier (and more complete if there is an automatic import). Additionally it’s enabling new visualization opportunities like network graphs (within limits of course).

Yes, this would be very helpful! I’m working on my dissertation and am merging references across different platforms (BibTex, Paperpile, Endnote) and I want to create a master folder called “dissertation” which includes all the citations from my Google+Paperpile Doc so I can add the other references but I can’t :frowning:

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Oh, I need this feature SOOOOO much!!!