Full text search in PDFs



+1 for me too, the only reason preventing me to switch from Qiqqa, which has the best context search (plus text analysis like connectivity graph as a bonus) of all competitors. Context search (think google-like results showing surrounding area of the matches) of my library would be the ultimate tool. Thanks!


Agree. Full text search is critical. And not too hard to implement


This is a big feature for me (second only to offline mode). I have many references in my library that only have one or two paragraphs that are relevant to me so full-text search is key to finding them. Abstract + title will often miss this information.


I would absolutely love to see this. I’m doing the trial now, and I can’t see me sticking with it without this feature.


Sorry about the slow response - I just wanted to give credit where it is due, as you are entirely correct regarding the single-PDF search Andrey. Thank you for the tip!


+1 for text search of PDFs. This is a very important feature for me.


+1 for full text search


Has this issue been resolved? Do we presently have full PDF search? When do you expect we will have it available as an integrated feature?

I am in my early dissertation process and have bounced around a few applications. Though I have paid for the year, I’m likely to abandon using Paperpile without this feature.

Thank you!


As explained in more detailed in several other posts in this forum, we do not give any time estimates on upcoming features any more.

You already can search your PDFs either through the Google Drive web-app or if you have synced the PDFs to your hard-drive on Mac you can use Spotlight (and I’m sure there is an equivalent for Windows).


Thanks for working on this. I’m down for joining betas (I was one of the original PaperPile beta testers) if you are looking for feedback on this feature. Otherwise I’ll wait for the official release.

Google should be somewhat embarrassed that you can’t restrict your Drive search to one folder. I think Drive used to be able to do that. Gmail still can, so this means that Google – the search company – has provided better search functionality in their email app than in their cloud storage. Go figure.


I am sorry but this is really disappointing. It is hard for me to imagine a paid pdf reference manager that cant do full-text search… I dont know which sample of users your surveyed, but any person I know that reads academic papers seriously wants that feature… paperpile has plenty of potential but without that function I ll stick to mendeley…

Searches need to be better

Any update on the issue ?


See related topic with a tip for working around this issue [TIP] Work around lack of offline support, limited capabilities of mobile app, lack of PDF search


Thank you Andrey, although of course it would be great to have all those directly in Ppp.


+1 for this feature… any progress?


Really frustrating to see no updates on this functionality for nearly 4 years …


Full-text PDF search from within paperpile, please!


This is a key feature, in my opinion, that is missing. Please add this!


Absolutely crucial. In my experience this is the main limitation with Paperpile, which otherwise is a great piece of software.

I just bought an annual subscription, trusting that this critical feature will be added soon. Please don’t let us down!


We are all suckers for continuing to pay for software that doesn’t get updated. The word plug i was promised in 2016. The joke is on us.