Full text search in PDFs



This will never happen


I’ve written some words on the progress of things in another thread. Improved search of all kind (your references, full-text of PDFs and external databases) is part of our long term strategy. Also Jirka posted a quick intro, he is our new database and backend engineer working on search infrastructure.




I would like to see Full text search too


I have been using pdf managers for some years. I was just about to start with Paperpile, when I found this thread. Full text searching is the most basic function for a researcher. While you have many other sexy projects underway, all pale in importance to basic text searching. I encourage you to do some focus groups with folks who use these products to better match your development priorities with the needs of your potential customers.


@Edward_Richards exactly my thoughts from Sept 2014!..


I don’t think it’s fair to say that the software isn’t being updated. That said, it’s true that there are some functionalities that have been for a long time in the pipeline. Full text search would be my top one pick, but so it was the IOS version, and they are delivering it. I’m happy with Paperpile and do not plan to switch.


I second that, and I do not plan to switch either (btw, I am not aware of any alternatives for managing references in Google Docs). But at the same time, similar to what I said 2-3 years ago, it is still very unclear how Paperpile defines priorities for their development.


Yes, there’s stuff that’s been on the making for a long time. Still, I’ve tried many other alternatives (Mendely, Zotero, ReadCube, Papers, Sente, Bibdesk, EndNote) and I think that Paperpile is the best option.


It is great to hear that advanced search is on the roadmap, as search and a word plug-in are still my top two remaining features.

Would any of the staff be able to provide any kind of updates on this? @jirka