Google addon article search does not search all author names

I just realized that when searching for the article in the paperpile addon (or whatever it is called, see the picture below of the widget I am using), not all author names are searched, but possibly only those that show up in the abbreviated citation of the articles. Specific example - I was searching for a paper by the last name of the senior author, but could not find that paper, and I guess this is because that name was hidden behind “et al”. If I search for the name of the first author, the article was found. Can developers please comment on this?


We search all authors’ last names so this is most likely a problem with the metadata; occasionally a poor data source will supply us only a couple of authors and an “et al.” in which case we don’t know about the rest of the authors. Could this be the case here?

I don’t know how I would go about checking that. All I know is that if I view the full author list, the name of the last author is present and is correct. It is the same article I was using in the [BUG] Please fix citation import for SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging.

Thank you for letting us know which document you were searching for. Would you mind providing your full search query? (i.e. the author name you searched for).

I’ve just tried again, and I cannot reproduce the problem I had yesterday. Perhaps it resolved itself after I did “Auto-update” of the metadata? Although, as I mentioned in the other post, there are issues with that too.