Google Drive folder doesn't appear


when clicking View all files in Google Drive, Paperpile gives me a 404 - Sorry, page not found-error.

I’m not sure if I deleted or moved Paperpile’s folder at some point, but re-adding the Paperpile-app to Google Drive or dis- and enabling Google Drive Sync didn’t fix this problem.

Is there any way to re-add this folder or to make it visible?

What happens if you open a file directly? Does it show up in Google Drive?

Can you try to reauthorize Google drive at

I have encountered the same issue. Have deleted the Paperpile folder in google drive and now I cannot link to it and I cannot create a new one for it. the reauthorize method does not work for me.

Welcome to our forum, @yatyat0321! Is this still the case? Have you tried restarting the browser, perhaps signing out/in of both Paperpile and Google? If you’re signed in to more than one account on Chrome, please try the same from a fresh Chrome Profile where you’re only signed in to your Paperpile-associated email, then from the library click the Drive icon > Start Sync Now. Keep in mind that changes done directly in Google Drive will not have any effect.

Please let us know if the issue persists so the team can investigate further.

I have the same issue.

I tried reauthorize Gdrive and fresh Chrome browser, but it dosent work.
When I try to open file directly (what stefan told), I cant click the drive icon.(see the file below)

@toma_takano A member of the team has taken a look and it appears that your Google Drive should be synced now. The resync action that you took did the trick - it can just take a few minutes to resync. If you are continuing to have issues, please reach out here or contact us over chat.