Google drive sync doesn't works

Hi there,

My paperpile doesn’t sync with my pdfs.

I try below.

  • re-auth
  • Create a backup of the Paperpile directory on Google drive and completely delete that directory on Google drive.
  • Force sync(settings->Storage&Sync->ReSync&CleanUp or GoogleDrive icon->Start sync on top page)

However, Paperpile’s asserts “File will be synced with Google Drive,” files don’t sync with google drive.
The uploading file tab says, “Uploading Morita and Sakawa…File 1 of 3”, but I can’t find the citation when searching “Morita” on Paperpile.

Can anyone help me?

Welcome to our forum, @urad. Is this still the case? Have you also tried restarting the browser, perhaps signing out/in of both Paperpile and Google? If you’re signed in to more than one account on Chrome, it would be worth retrying from a fresh Chrome Profile where you’re only signed in to your Paperpile-associated account. Let me know.

@urad, could you confirm whether this is still happening? The team was able to reset sync for your account on the backend, which should have improved things. Let us know.

Thank you for being so kind.
Sorry for the late reply. I was busy with other work.
I tried to create a new chrome profile and sync.
However, there are still problems.

The uploading status is the same as before (like "Uploading Morita… " etc… ).
And click “view all files in google drive” to display 404.

I appreciate your support and am sorry for the disturbance.

Thanks for the follow-up, @urad. Please restart/reload things once more and contact us via chat or email ( so we may continue troubleshooting without revealing any private/sensitive information :pray:t4:

Thank you, @vicente.

I just checked Paperpile and it is synced and the GDrive directory is visible!
The upload status message is still strange, but the file synchronization itself seems to be working correctly, so I will keep an eye on it for a while.

Thank you for your support!
I will be able to continue using Paperpile:)

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