Google Scholar PDF Reader

Many thanks for the great work. I am sure you all know about this:

The current Paperpile extension, which usually allows me to “Add Papers” while viewing a PDF, doesn’t seem to work well with Google Scholar PDF Reader.

More importantly, I wonder if it is possible to allow in settings to use Google Scholar PDF Reader to read PDFs? The possiblity to easily follow references by clicking is just killer. But on the other hand it’d be nice to have an easy way to switch back to Paperpile’s PDF reader, as the Google one doesn’t seem to support annotations at the moment?

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Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts on the Google Scholar PDF reader @hsimho. I’ve recorded your comments and have forwarded them to our team for consideration in future updates of the app and extension, once the new web app and extension (in beta) have been rolled out to all users.