Guide: Export a Google Document to Word/EndNote


Here’s a short walkthrough on how to export a Google Document with Paperpile citations to EndNote and Word.

Paperpile uses unique citation codes for the in-text citations and saves the code as field “Label” in the corresponding RIS file with the reference data. So step (7) is crucial to tell EndNote how to match the citations in the Word file with the references in the RIS file.

(1) Open “Export menu” in the add-on sidebar.
(2) Export the document with “EndNote citation codes”
(3) Export the references as “RIS”
(4) Download the new copy of the document as “Microsoft Word (.docx)”

(5) In EndNote choose ‘Import > File’
(6) Import the RIS file, use the options shown
(7) In the EndNote preferences click “Use field instead of record number” and choose label

(8) Open the .docx file in Word and click “Update citations and Bibliography”
(9) EndNote should format the citations and bibliography correctly. Change back the option in (7)

Disclaimer: We don’t encourage you to do that. We have added his functionality for the use case when you (for whatever reason) absolutely need to have a final manuscript prepared in Word and EndNote.

This process is a one way street: you can’t bring back the document to Google Docs in a format that can be understood by Paperpile.

How to export to Endnote?
The new Google Docs sidebar add-on. FAQ for Paperpile customers
The new Google Docs sidebar add-on. FAQ for Paperpile customers

I followed these instructions exactly but the reference list is not updating in Word. It doesn’t seem to be linking to Endnote. Help!


Can you insert and format other references from your EndNote library? Please make sure that that works first.



I have tried this, and it works well. Unfortunately, I have to use and note on a daily basis. Having exported my paper Paperphile library to Endnote, I would like to continue to use Paperphile, and export one or two references at a time to the RIS format. I am not sure if it is possible to implement this. Unfortunately, the Bibtex filters that are available in endnote are really quite poor and frustrating to use.

Kind regards,

Richard Piper.


Any workarounds for those of us who cannot use the sidebar? My institution (the University of Southern California) does not allow the sidebar add-on due to its broad permissions.


Sorry there is no workaround. This functionality is technically not possible without these permissions (if so Paperpile would not ask for them)


Hi, I believe the Paperpile sidebar (in Google Docs) is no longer in the current build?

Is there any other way to export the Google Doc to Word/EndNote?


Also trying to export a Google Document to Word/EndNote. Cant get the sidebar to work. Can someone please confirm that the sidebar is no longer working and that this means we can no longer export to word/endnote? Thanks


The sidebar is still working - unless your domain permissions disallow such Google Docs add-ons. Contact us at and we will try to help you get it opened.

Relatedly, there is currently a Google bug whereby the sidebar does not load in documents with linked drawings in them.


The images in this guide doesn’t show up for me, could you fix this? Also, I tried to make the conversion according to this guide but I couldn’t get it to work. mac / ms word 2017 15.34 / endnote X8
Thank you for your help!