Highlighting bleeds into adjoining column

Here is a screenshot, and I’ve emailed the pdf file to Andreas.

It’s happened again. Whatever I highlight seems to shift over by about an inch on my screen.

Here I was highlighting “attachment style” , but this is what it locked onto. This is a different file, so I’ll mail that one to andreas too. Weird.

Most likely it is an issue with the browser zoom level not being set to 100%. We hope to fix this issue in an upcoming release for good.

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just adding that i’ve also seen this problem.


May I ask which OS and browser version you are using? Also, can you, please, check if the browser zoom level is set to 100% or a different value?

OS 10.10.5
Browser = Chrome 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit) (though just realized it needs to be relaunched - will see if that resolves it)
Zoom level was 100%.

Relaunching chrome didn’t fix it - still have the spill over into adjacent columns for annotations at the end of the article, most noticeable on the right.


If you could send the PDF file to andreas@paperpile.com that would help a lot in debugging.

I’ve noticed this as well. The misplaced highlights persist on refresh or restarting chrome. Only happens when the browser is zoomed (though not when I use metapdf zoom tool - would be nice if there was a way to grab the cmd-+ keyboard shortcut), but the mistake persists when I zoom back out.

If I delete the highlight, zoom out and then re-do the highlight, it’s fixed, and zooming in again does not break it, though future highlights at that zoom level are also broken.

Same error here. Using Chrome 45.0.2454.99 (64-bit) in Ubuntu 14.04.

I noticed the same thing. This occurs when I zoom in. Alternatively, I can zoom in to a comfortable reading level and refresh the page. This generally seems to work.

It seems we were able to track down the issue. If things go as planned we will release an update later this week. Thanks to all reporting this issue, it helped us a great deal in debugging it.

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We have released an update of MetaPDF that should fix this nasty issue with highlights.

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