How can I use Paperpile to cite the author's name as part of a narrative?

Hi, I’ve been enjoyed using Paperpile for a while now and wanted to see if there was a way to correctly cite author’s name as part of my narrative in the APA style?

For example, I want to give some examples of themes in the literature and want to reference the work of Kazai, as an example. Is there a way of inserting the citation in my text so that it reads as:
Kazai et al. (2011) provided examples of themes…”
instead of
(Kazai et al., 2011) provided examples of themes…”?

I hope this makes sense.


Click the blue bubble in the add/edit box and then check the “Suppress Author” box. The reference will then show up as (2011) and you can write whatever is appropriate in front of it.

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Hi, thanks for this! I found it to be working the first time I did it, and I’ve managed to apply it to at least 25 references, but after returning to the document a few hours later, some of the text was broken, and only a few reference read as I want them to read.

That sounds odd. Could you please contact us in the support chat so we can investigate further?

Is there still no better solution? Using a reference sopftware I don’t want to do it manually. There will be typos etc. Writing a long paper this will be the road to hell

Welcome to our forum, @Martin_Brandt! Still no better solution – check out my and @stefan 's replies on the thread below for more details.

Hi, I have been striggling with this issue as well.

As Laura pointed out, there should be options to choose either citation as a part of a narrative or at the end of sentence. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary brackets everywhere everytime references are updated.

Please create the options as soon as possible. Thank you.

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