How do you utilise the Short Title field?

Hi. I have been using Paperpile for quite a while now. I am still struggling with a specific problem I first noted in this forum post. Short Title, Short Author or Contracted Title instead of ibid in Turabian 8th edition (full note)

Namely, how do I get Paperpile to list subsequent citations using Short Title and not ibid?

I have discovered the Short Title field since I first encountered the problem. However I do not know how to invoke the Short Title reference instead of ibid.

Anyone have this problem and/or know how to resolve it? I’d really appreciate some assistance.

For the record, I am using Turabian 8th edition.

According to the, on September 14th 2014, “Add support for short titles used in many citation styles (e.g. Chicago full note style).” however I cannot figure out how to invoke this feature.

Any assistance will result in me sending you money to purchase a six pack of your choice (yes I am getting desperate).

The use of a short title (which Paperpile exports to the CSL filed short-title) is dependent on the chosen citation style. “Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note)” is a style that implements the short title field.

See e.g. this example here: The first publication does not have a short title set, so in the next citation the full title is used. For the entry by Warren, a short title is set with the value “SHORT TITLE”, and it is used accordingly in the next citation.

Hi @andreas thanks so much for the reply. I really appreciate the help.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it is not working for me.

The first image below shows a record that I am using, where I have included data in the “short title” field…

The second image shows that I have selected “Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note)”…

The third image shows a couple of things. First it shows that I have cited two publications twice. Both records in Paperpile have data in the short title field (first record shown in image above). Secondly it shows the first citation of both records being noted in full. The third thing it shows is that the short title data for both records is not displaying correctly, rather it is simply showing the author and neglecting to show the data in the short title field.

What is it that I might be doing wrong here?

Anticipating your answers, I have tried all of the citation styles that include the string 17th in their title and none of them come as close to short title as this one.

Yours hoping to solve the conundrum!

Hi @andreas I also tried it by adding a brand new book to my Paperpile that I have never used before. The same thing occurred, ie: the first entry gave the full reference and the second entry only gave the surname of the author with a period.

What am I missing?

Chicago is a complex style, and it displays in-text citation distinguishing these cases:

  • first citation
  • an immediately-following citation
  • a subsequent citation

I checked the Chicago implementation, and it seems that the short title is used:

  • for an immediately-following citation if there is no author, editor, or translator set
  • for a subsequent citation

I hope this now sheds more light on the use of short title.

I know this post has been like 2 years old. But I’m new at this, and I still don’t know how to show the short-title in notes.
I’m using CMS 17th full-note, I have a short-title for this specific book.
What do I need to do so it shows in the footnote:
1-Currently it shows: author, pg number
2-I wanted to show: author, short-title, pg number

thank you very much.

I think I now understand what @andreas had posted 2 years ago.
Thank you!

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