How to import .ens or .bst style?

I need a style for Frontiers in Bioscience, which is unavailable.
The journal provides the proper style in Endnote format (.ens) and
a bibtex format (.bst). How to import the style into Paperpile?

Those are proprietary formats and we cannot read them. Paperpile (along with Mendeley and Zotero) use the open-source CSL style language for formatting references.

It is likely that Frontiers in Bioscenence uses a style similar to one of the many other Frontiers styles available. You can find them here:

You can also use the editor on that site to modify the style if there is any discrepancy. The save dialog will have instructions on how to add the modified style to your Paperpile account.

Max, you may be able to use endnote (or a pgm that reads endnote refs) to export the references into an open-source format, which PP then can read.

Thanks, I don’t see a way or instructions how to import a citation style in any format. Where is the style importing menu?

Thanks, again, this is not the right answer - your link is about importing references, not styles.

So far, no solution here.

Max, sorry, I was thinking you needed to import from endnote. Now I understand you to mean that you are writing a paper for FIB, which uses a nonstandard citation style. If that is correct, I believe that you will need to create a CSL ( I did a quick search on the existing CSL’s, but did not see one for FIB.

you might also ask endnote support if there is a way to convert the FIB style to CSL format. If so, you could then import that CSL file into PP

To import a saved CSL file go to the gear in the upper right --> Settings --> Citation Styles, then click the “Upload CSL file” button. The new style will be available in Google Docs immediately and will be denoted with a green dot identifying it as a style you have added.

in the PP webpage, click on the cogwheel (upper RH corner), then settings, then citation styles

Thanks all,
I don’t have Endnote, but this seems to be the shortest way to go.
Are you sure that path works? I came across the mention on the web that CSS export of the style from Evernote is not suitable for your system.

I tried to edit another style via editor, and it looked reasonable to me, but the Frontiers in Bioscience returned it, saying it is unacceptable.

Here I posted the details of the style.

I posted a new style request at Zotero

I installed a trial of Endnote, it doesn’t allow to convert to CSL.
Also, I found that there is no way to convert from ens to csl.
Because of the law suite 10 years ago.

I have made a style for Frontiers in Bioscience,
the result is almost good, except for a few quirks.

  1. It needs double spacing.
  2. It adds a space to the publisher.
  3. I am not sure how it behaves on all types of references.

The graphical editor does not allow fixing the style, I had to edit the raw CSL.
It was very difficult to edit the raw CSL without the instructions.
I would appreciate if someone could make the proper fixed style - I will need it for the final journal submission.