iCloud or OneDrive support

Is there any plan to support iCloud or OneDrive for storing our papers? Google Drive is OK but I prefer to store my PDF files on iCloud.


I second this, for sure. I like everything about Paperpile but wish it could be used outside of the Google ecosystem

Thanks for bumping this up, @kp8, and for the original post, @Emad_Heydari_Beni. As you can see from this other thread, the request to support other cloud storage providers is not new and there is reasonable demand for it.

We do intend to develop beyond the Google ecosystem (for other features as well, like authentication) but had not found ourselves in a position to do so until now. While there are no concrete plans for this at the moment, the release of our apps has given us more flexibility to consider and prioritize other topics and this one’s on our radar.

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Hi @vicente, thanks for this - great to hear that this is on your radar. And actually, I saw that in that other thread, there is talk of a MacOS MS Word plugin in private beta. Is that beta ongoing? If I could join, could you send me the details?

It’s ongoing and now public! You can download the plugin here: https://paperpile.com/word-plugin/ :star2:

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Thanks Vicente! I checked it out and have been poking around more – I’m really into Paperpile, and am even looking at buying an iPad so that I can take advantage of the app, but I have to say that I don’t think I’ll make the switch (from using an unwieldy combination of Zotero and Bookends, i.e. urgently needs to change) until iCloud (and potentially Safari) are supported.

The reasons being, I already have extended iCloud storage and don’t want to pay for (or switch to) extended Google Drive storage; I don’t want to deal with having Google Drive installed on my Mac; I don’t like to have Chrome on MacOS (for the often-cited reason that it’s more bloated than Safari); and, finally, I’m trying to back away slowly from Google and looking to delete my Google account completely.

I am sharing all this only because I think these are positions that other Mac users are likely to share. It seems that perhaps a large part of your user base is more in the sciences, who are often using Windows machines anyway. I suspect that the primary use case you have in mind is science people with Windows PCs and iPads/iPhones, in which case Google Drive is an ideal cross-platform solution? That would be reasonable for sure, but insofar as your target audience includes MacOS users, I think getting full iCloud/Safari(/MacOS app) support up and running as a more immediate priority makes sense. The leash to Google is 100% what’s preventing me from making the switch today.

Just my $0.02 – hope to get onto your platform soon! And if you need Beta testers, please hit me up!!!

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Fwiw, a lot of people in my field of science use Linux on their PCs, for which Google Drive is far from ideal.

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+1 for OneDrive as an option.

+1 for iCloud. I don’t want to subscribe to two services Google Drive and iCloud.

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+1 again for iCloud, any additional work on this?

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+1 for iCloud! I’m tired of downloading my paper from google drive each time. I really need the immediate sync of iCloud…

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