Ieeexplore PDF import


I have had problems automatically importing PDF from IEEEXplore. Is there any fix?
I am using Microsoft Edge and did not have any luck with or without a proxy.

@neuromechanist, for a while now we’ve been experiencing issues with papers from IEEE (most often when downloaded via proxy) where our importer is unable to parse reference data correctly. Something is wrong in the connection between the proxy server, IEEE and our tool; the solution is beyond our reach for now but the team is looking into alternative proxy servers to remedy this and other problems.

The only workaround I can speak of is downloading PDFs to your computer and then upload them to Paperpile, which could be tedious but should import reference data correctly. Sorry I don’t have better news!


Is there any update on this issue? It has been almost 3 years, but the IEEE PDF import is still not working.

Welcome to the forum, @Dante_Gabriel_Murato. The new Paperpile extension (in beta) should at least import IEEE open access papers, if you’d like to try it out. I have not been able to test it with a proxy connection.