Import/Export From Google Docs

Maybe there is a way to already do these two things but I can’t figure it out. So this is either a feature request or a how to request :slight_smile:

  1. Import a whole folder from Paperpile into a doc (for example I just used it for Additional Bibliography that wasn’t cited in the paper) and ideally have it update if I add or remove entries from the folder.
    I know you can select and click cite, but then I have to adjust formatting and if I add or remove entries have to manually do the whole process over.

  2. Reverse this process, export all the citations from a doc into paperpile as one folder so I can later see I’ve cited them.
    I know you can export as bibtex or ris, but if you then import that with the checkbox for a folder it duplicates the entries in paperpile so this isn’t workable.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Thanks for the feedback, @Flounder - indeed, this is not currently possible but has been requested a few times before and is well within our plans. Added your +1 to bump priority on our tracker.

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