Auto-create a folder from papers cited in a doc

it would be great to be able to create a folder that contains all the papers cited in a particular document. Ideally, PP would have another category - call it DOCUMENTS, perhaps. Then PP would auto-create folders within the category, with the name the same as the document title. Then the DOCUMENT-folder would contain all papers cited therein.

2nd best implementation would be done manually/static, by having a button within the PP menu - called ‘add cited papers to DOCUMENTS’

If you dont want to / cannot add a new category, then add the papers to either folders or labels.


This has come up a few times. One of the main problems with an automated approach is that we would not want each iteration of a paper to add clutter to a user’s library. Having a manual button on the “View all references” page to add the papers to a folder could be a more workable option. I would be interested in hearing from others who would use such a feature.


oh, that’s interesting! Well, based on the folder sharing (that I just learned), one could generate a folder from the paper, which could then be shared along with the paper - readers of the paper could also dig into the references, should they wish…

We thought about this quite a bit mainly in the context of our efforts to improve sharing in general and also add Word as an option to write your papers.

I agree with @Jason_Jensen that a fully automatic approach is problematic. But manually connecting a folder (shared or not) to a manuscript (or multiple versions of this manuscript) is clearly feasible and actually is on our list of features we want to add.


Yes! I have wondered if the ‘add to my library’ option would create additional copies of references to my library, so I have not used it when viewing all the references in a paper. Does it? Having an option that would create a folder (or tag, or either) would be fantastic, and clarifying what the add to my library option does in terms of duplicates.

What would be helpful would be a way tell by looking at the record which papers i’ve used this source for.

Would also love this feature! If i forget to add a few references to a paper pile library folder as i go along writing a paper, it’s almost impossible to then figure out which ones are missing.

Any progress on this? Being able to create a shared folder of the papers cited in a doc would be VERY useful!!!


Welcome to our forum, @Jasper_Slingsby! Nothing concrete on this front yet, but there are some major upcoming renovations to our web app UI and extension (also to the citation dialog in GDocs) which will bring us closer to this and other requested features. We hope to have some some news in the coming months.

This feature has received many requests. With the new implementation of labels it would amazing to be able to assign a label for a given set of citations from the “References from Google Doc” view. Any progress?

Welcome to our forum, @Jeff_Stout! This has indeed been a popular request throughout the years, planned for implementation along with other updates of the citation dialog. While some work has already been started for this, we’re currently prioritizing other matters on our roadmap. So no concrete news to share just yet.

Is there any update on progress for this feature? It would be very useful, especially when collaborating with people that prefer to store their sources in google drive or other locations.

Welcome to our forum, @Lori_Croghan! No updates to share just yet on this front. Like several other big topics (PDF viewer, mobile apps), work on the citation dialog in GDocs and Word is planned once our new web app and extension (currently in beta, click to sign up) are fully implemented.