Auto-create a folder from papers cited in a doc

it would be great to be able to create a folder that contains all the papers cited in a particular document. Ideally, PP would have another category - call it DOCUMENTS, perhaps. Then PP would auto-create folders within the category, with the name the same as the document title. Then the DOCUMENT-folder would contain all papers cited therein.

2nd best implementation would be done manually/static, by having a button within the PP menu - called ‘add cited papers to DOCUMENTS’

If you dont want to / cannot add a new category, then add the papers to either folders or labels.


This has come up a few times. One of the main problems with an automated approach is that we would not want each iteration of a paper to add clutter to a user’s library. Having a manual button on the “View all references” page to add the papers to a folder could be a more workable option. I would be interested in hearing from others who would use such a feature.

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oh, that’s interesting! Well, based on the folder sharing (that I just learned), one could generate a folder from the paper, which could then be shared along with the paper - readers of the paper could also dig into the references, should they wish…

We thought about this quite a bit mainly in the context of our efforts to improve sharing in general and also add Word as an option to write your papers.

I agree with @Jason_Jensen that a fully automatic approach is problematic. But manually connecting a folder (shared or not) to a manuscript (or multiple versions of this manuscript) is clearly feasible and actually is on our list of features we want to add.


Yes! I have wondered if the ‘add to my library’ option would create additional copies of references to my library, so I have not used it when viewing all the references in a paper. Does it? Having an option that would create a folder (or tag, or either) would be fantastic, and clarifying what the add to my library option does in terms of duplicates.

What would be helpful would be a way tell by looking at the record which papers i’ve used this source for.

Would also love this feature! If i forget to add a few references to a paper pile library folder as i go along writing a paper, it’s almost impossible to then figure out which ones are missing.