Importing large numbers of references from shared folders

I recently finished “migrating” my google accounts for PaperPile. With about 8000 references, this was a chore for sure. I followed the method of making shared folder and label folders and one for unsorted. Okay, so perhaps I have not been that diligent at sorting all the time, and there were 5000 references in the unsorted folder. The process took about a week.

The “Add to Library” feature worked okay on folders with less than 200 references… over that it was a bit hit and miss. With 5000 in the unsorted folder I got the messages that either the PaperPile Chrome extension stopped worked and needed to be reloaded, a hang, or completion without importing all of the references.

My feature request is simple here: Allow filtering shared folders by those that are not already in my library… this would save a lot of time and hassle.

In practice, I just kept selecting all and re-importing, but every time I did that it combed over the several thousand that I had already imported in the folder… I was also never quite sure if I got them all.

Thanks for the feedback, @Kelapa. The migration process via shared folders has indeed never been optimal, a situation which is happily about to improve.

You might’ve seen elsewhere in the forum that we have a new extension and web-app currently in beta (click to sign up); besides many other new features already being tested it will also soon include a completely new sharing structure and the ability to just switch the associated email without any workarounds.

We are working hard to implement the missing new features and roll out more publicly by summer, so there will be more news on this front soon.