Improvements for folders

I’m using the web frontend and have a large library that I have organized using folders and especially using subfolders. I would like to suggest some simple improvement for navigating these:

  • when assigning a label by hitting “f” or using the “add/remove folder” icon. There is a very useful search box at the top, but when finding a subfolder it is not clear what the parent folder is… some breadcrumbs would be great here… This is especially annoying if some subfolders are named similar or the same.

  • in the left folder panel:

    • It would be great to have a similar search box in the left folder panel as when hitting “f”
    • It would be great to have a shortcut or icon to hide/show all subfolders… I often have many subfolders visible, but because of that scrolling through my folder list takes a long time… this is especially annoying when one grabbed an article and wants to drop it off in the folder panel
    • also when trying to drag a paper to folder it would be great if folders would automatically open when hovering over them to make it easier to drop a paper in a subfolder

Thanks for the feedback, Arun, and welcome to our forum. The suggestions you make have come up before and are already on our radar, so I’ve added your +1s to the corresponding topics on our tracker. No timeline to speak of at the moment, although we will be releasing several new features this year (check out our roadmap).