Insert citation manually


Hello everyone!

I need to manually upload some citations on the word file I am working on, since the search option doesn’t find the papers I am looking for. Does the Paperpile add-on provide this option and if not, is there a way around it?

Thank you!


Yes, you can insert citations manually. If you have signed up for the Paperpile the web-app, click ‘Add papers > Add manually’.

If you are using our Google Docs sidebar add-on, click the ‘cog’-menu and then ‘Create item manually’.

After that you can cite the new reference by searching for it like any other reference.



I am using google docs, but the ‘create item manually’ option is not coming up as an option under the ‘cog’ menu. Is this a glitch, or is there another way to insert a new citation manually?



Have you signed up for the full-web? In that case, you should create new items in your library and then cite it from there. The “create manually” item will not show in this case in the add-on.


So it doesn´t show unless you have signed up for the Paperpile the web-app.
BUT it doesn’t show if you signed up for the full-web.

That’s so intuitive. Good job you people.


Thanks a lot. I use google docs add-on. And I see create item manually from gear icon. It’s really useful, thanks for your work !!