Insert citation manually

Hello everyone!

I need to manually upload some citations on the word file I am working on, since the search option doesn’t find the papers I am looking for. Does the Paperpile add-on provide this option and if not, is there a way around it?

Thank you!

Yes, you can insert citations manually. If you have signed up for the Paperpile the web-app, click ‘Add papers > Add manually’.

If you are using our Google Docs sidebar add-on, click the ‘cog’-menu and then ‘Create item manually’.

After that you can cite the new reference by searching for it like any other reference.


I am using google docs, but the ‘create item manually’ option is not coming up as an option under the ‘cog’ menu. Is this a glitch, or is there another way to insert a new citation manually?


Have you signed up for the full-web? In that case, you should create new items in your library and then cite it from there. The “create manually” item will not show in this case in the add-on.

So it doesn´t show unless you have signed up for the Paperpile the web-app.
BUT it doesn’t show if you signed up for the full-web.

That’s so intuitive. Good job you people.

Thanks a lot. I use google docs add-on. And I see create item manually from gear icon. It’s really useful, thanks for your work !!

I would really like to have the “add cite manually” option. Is it possible to somehow revert? I have tried to uninstall the plugin, sign out from Paperpile but nothing seems to work. :frowning:

Emil, it’s there under the ‘add papers’ dropdown in the paperpile (website) app. 4th item down from the top.

Yes, the functionality I would like is to add a reference manually inside Google Docs (as I could before I created a Paperpile account). See picture.

OK, I see. Are you saying that would be a greater benefit to adding a paper manually rather than alt-tabbing to the paperpile app? Personally, I’m not sure I would ever use something like that, because the only time I add a paper is when I’m researching articles and PP is not able to identify the webpage as a paper. I have never added a paper in the middle of writing. I would even know what to put in the fields.

Yes, I don’t understand why that function is restricted. While writing an article, especially collaboratively, it’s of great use to put in placeholders without having to spend time on finding the exact source. Often you only have a website, know about a book or an article that you would like to include, to just put in something temporarily is of great use.

Oh, I see, yes. I would use that if it were available. What I do now is something like - (???) or (authorname, titlename). I know there is a source somewhere, but cannot put my finger on it at that moment, and I don’t want to interrupt my train of thought.